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Author Natasha Carmon

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Natasha Carmon
Natasha Carmon is a graduate of Trousdale County High School in Hartsville, Tn. and was nominated Who’s Who among American High School Students. After high school, she went straight into the work force to earn a living and within the past ten years of her life, changes in her health gave her the idea to step out on faith and try something new.
 She had an inclination to write her life story which delves into personal tragedies in her young life as well as humorous accounts and an in depth dream sent from the Father himself to help her as well as everyone in a time of crisis. It is important that her story is told because God sends a message and she trusts that she is the messenger.  She is a woman of faith and believes that God intends for us to have happiness here on Earth. 
She currently resides in Louisville, Ky. as a single mother of one, and when she isn’t writing, she is spending much needed time with her daughter. She believes in giving back and feels that what you give out you receive whether good or bad.

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Mary Katherine McHale is a certified registered nurse working at St. Elizabeth’s Senior Assisted Living Center. She felt she was called upon by God to do His work to end human suffering by way of her dreams.  During the course of her work her doctors diagnosed her with sleep paralysis, but Mary Katherine knew it was more to that. There was a secret she was harboring, stemming from her childhood that threatened her coveted position at St. Elizabeth’s.  After making a life-changing decision to open a residential care facility in her home Mary Katherine took in her first client, Donald Whitehead. She believed she was called to drive the sin and bitter evil that had built up over years of not having faith and dealing with the pains of life out of the old man.  When strange occurrences began, Mary Katherine found she was no longer in control of the situation which now put herself, her loved ones and patients at risk, with the end result possibly being deadly for all those involved. 
Pen name:Red Carma

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